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NOTICE:  We are going digital in 2023!  

The Town of Boone Planning and Inspections Department is excited to announce that the Department is implementing a new permitting software, CivicGov! CivicGov is a web-based software that will allow the Department and applicants to transition away from paper submittals with a final goal of only accepting, for the most part, digital submittals through the use of a “citizen portal.”    Once the portal becomes active, applicants can submit their applications, pay their invoices, check the status of their applications, request inspections, and view the results of those inspections all through the citizen portal. Please see below for timeline details:

Phase 1: Soft-Launch (July-September 2023) 

Effective July 10, 2023, the Planning and Inspections Department will “soft-launch” CivicGov.  Phase 1 will allow Planning and Inspections Permit Techs and Project Manager Liaisons, along with all of the Town’s review team members, to become acclimated with the system and for us to work out any “bugs” we may encounter.   During this phase, applicants will still be required to submit hard copy applications (see below) though we will require applicants to digitally submit all plans, details, specifications, and studies to  

Phase 2: Citizen Portal Opened (October-December 2023)

Effective October 1, 2023, or sooner, the Planning and Inspections Department will “open” the citizen portal if the soft launch is successful. Applicants will have the choice to submit applications either through the portal or through the Planning and Inspections office. However, we will still require applicants to digitally submit all plans, details, specifications, and studies to 

Phase 3: Final Implementation (January 1, 2024)

Effective January 1, 2024, the Town of Boone, with few exceptions, will only accept applications and payments submitted through the citizen portal.  

Please note:  Pre-application meetings with a Project Manager Liaison are required for Annexations, Special Use Permits, Variances, Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Approvals, Zoning Map Amendments, and Certificates of Appropriateness for Major Work.  

  1. Building Permit Applications & Forms
  1. Zoning Permit Applications & Forms
  1. Subdivision Applications
  1. Board of Adjustment Applications & Forms
  1. Historic District & Landmark Applications
  1. UDO & Zoning Map Amendment Applications
  1. Misc. & Other Applications/Forms
  1. Voluntary Annexation Applications and Forms


  1. Sign Regulation Revisions: UDO Article 26 Signs has been revised, effective July 1, 2023.  Please note that numerous changes have been made to the regulations in order to be compliant with statutory requirements, case law, and the need to modernize and update the regulations. Please visit the Town's web page dedicated to the Unified Development Ordinance or call Planning and Inspections at 828-268-6960 for more details. 
  2. Town of Boone Fee Schedule Updates:  Please see below for the Planning and Inspections and Public Works Fee Schedules that are effective as of  July 1, 2023.