Our department employs 38 sworn police officers and 11 civilians. The department has an annual operating budget of approximately $4.52 million dollars. All of our co-workers are committed to providing the highest quality of police service to the visitors and residents of Boone.

Message from the Chief

At the Boone Police Department we have purpose and a mission. We are guardians and caretakers of the Boone Community. We believe that we can best accomplish our mission with the willing partnership and cooperation of our community. Our highest aim is to provide a safe community and ensure justice. We believe that how we do our work creates legitimacy and a high level of community trust. We have a department comprised of officers who care and are willing to go above and beyond their job descriptions. We are committed to our community. We are also committed each other’s growth and development as that is essential to providing the best police department to our residents. If you do encounter one of our officers, I truly hope you have positive experience, even in difficult circumstances. We strive to hire the best people we can find from the human race.

We do a difficult job in difficult conditions. Our officers wear body cameras for accountability purposes and to protect them against false accusations. In the event that you do have any problems or concerns please feel free to contact me. Also, we have an online form that a complaint or a compliment can be submitted for review and appropriate action. We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard and appreciate any feedback to help us be the best we can be. If you are looking for a challenging career where you can truly make a difference consider a career with the Boone Police Department.

~ Chief Andy Le Beau

Call 911 or Text 911 if you can't.