Jimmy Smith Wastewater Treatment Facility


The Jimmy Smith Waste Water Treatment Facility has a permitted capacity of 4.82 million gallons per day (MGD ), and is currently operating at 2.4 MGD or 50% capacity.Jimmy Smith Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Facility includes:

  • Influent screenings
  • Influent pump station
  • Grit/grease unit
  • Oxidation ditches
  • Clarifiers
  • Tertiary filtration

The Facility’s effluent is disinfected with ultraviolet radiation.

The Facility also has a state-of-the-art thermo-drier system, which produces a Class A Biosolid, which can be used as fertilizer. The Facility averages a 99% removal efficiency of common pollutants.


Subsequent to inspection prior to renewal of our NPDES permit, the Jimmy Smith Wastewater Treatment Plant has been moved to reduced monitoring requirement as an "exceptionally performing facility". Congratulations to our Jimmy Smith WWTP operators for excellent work!  Read NC Currents Summer 2021 addition for more information on this amazing achievement.

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