Agenda Item Action Request

Where to Start

  1. Contact Amy Davis, Interim Town Manager so that she may provide an initial review of your request.
  2. Proceed with the Agenda Request Form if your request requires an appearance before the Town Council (as determined during your meeting with the Town Manager).
  3. Submit the completed form to the Town Clerk in person or email Nicole Harmon. The deadline to submit agenda items will always be the Friday two weeks prior to the meeting date by 5 p.m. If received after this deadline, your request will go on the agenda for the next month.

General Format:

The submission should be structured using the official Town of Boone Agenda Item Action Request Form. If an item doesn’t apply, please insert ‘N/A’.

Agenda Item Request Form Key:

  • Submitted By: Enter the contact person who will be presenting the request before the Town Council at the meeting
  • Department: Enter the originating department or organization of which this request is on behalf
  • Contact Phone: The phone number for the contact person who will be presenting the request
  • Email: The e-mail address for the contact person who will be presenting the request. A finalized agenda will be sent to the contact person by email  Friday of the week prior to the meeting date
  • Date of Council Meeting: The date of the Council meeting on which you would like your request to be included
  • Council Action Request: Please check the box “For Action” if you are requesting that Council take action on your request (i.e. a vote) or “For Information” if you are sharing information only with no request for action. Also, under the check boxes, please provide no more than one or two sentences identifying the action to be requested or information to be shared
  • Summary of Information: Please provide as much information as you can regarding your request and/or presentation for Council to review prior to your requested appearance. You will only have five minutes to speak and answer questions during your time before Council, so any information that can be provided ahead of time is greatly appreciated. Some items to consider including in your summary are:
    • Background information on the request or presentation
    • Information on whether the item has been coordinated with any Town departments
    • Include any costs associated with your request
    • Any impact your request might have – this might be a budget impact, community impact, etc.
  • Attachments: If you are planning to show a presentation or have some other form of documentation you would like to share with Council, this will need to be submitted with your action request form in order to be included in the Council meeting packet. Town staff will provide the necessary equipment for you to give your presentation to Council and will have it set up for you prior to the meeting. All attachments should be sent in PDF format if possible. Please give a title to any attachments that will adequately identify what the attachments are. If your presentation is not available in PDF, please contact the town clerk to coordinate