What happens if I don’t wear a face mask?

A violation of this Section shall constitute a class 2 misdemeanor as provided at G.S. §166A-19.31(h); provided, however, that law enforcement officers shall first educate the offender as to the requirements set forth herein; upon a subsequent violation may issue a warning; and only in the event of repeat violations manifesting willful flouting or circumvention of this Declaration issue a criminal citation for violation of this Section; and further provided, that no criminal citation shall be issued for a violation of this Section until on or after 9 am on July 11, 2020, so that residents, workers, and visitors may be educated as to the requirements of this Amendment.

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1. When does Boone’s face mask order take effect?
2. Who has to wear a mask under Boone’s order?
3. What is considered a commercial business?
4. Where else are face coverings required?
5. What kind of face covering do I have to wear?
6. What if I don’t know how to make a face mask?
7. Do I have to wear a face mask when I go for a walk or run?
8. Do people who work in stores have to wear face masks?
9. Will businesses require me to wear a face mask when I go inside?
10. Do kids have to wear a face mask?
11. If I have to wear a face mask inside a restaurant, how can I eat?
12. Who is exempt from the face mask order?
13. How long is Boone's face covering order in effect?
14. What happens if I don’t wear a face mask?
15. What do I need to do to expand or create temporary outdoor dining for my restaurant?
16. How do I determine the Emergency Maximum Occupancy?
17. What businesses are exempt under Governor Cooper’s Executive Order to Stay at Home?
18. Are hotels, short term rental and Airbnbs open?
19. Are parks and playgrounds in Boone open?
20. I have concerns about my water being turned off or I’m having trouble paying my full bill.
21. Is trash and recycling pick up on schedule?
22. How have other Town of Boone operations been impacted?